Company of Fools is thrilled to
announce our 2018 Season!

2018 CoF Season.jpg

Join us as we explore the hilarious complexity of human relationships, with two plays that are at once comically absurd and dangerously introspective:

PIZZA MAN by Darlene Craviotto - March 2018
PLUCKER by Alena Smith - September 2018

Darlene Craviotto's powerful 1982 play PIZZA MAN (directed by Emily Gallagher) is a tale of two 20-something women, Julie and Alice, who decide to vent their patriarchy-induced frustrations in a drastic way. Intending to turn the tables on years of misogyny and sexism, they pick a guy, any guy... and take advantage of him. “Men have been doing it for years, why can't a woman try it?” Once Julie and Alice convince an unsuspecting pizza delivery man to come in and share a beer with them, the evening gets wild, crazy, angry, and very, very funny.

Auditions for PIZZA MAN will be held in early January. The production will run for two weeks in MARCH 2018.

Alena Smith’s PLUCKER (directed by Cameron Clarke, founding Artistic Director of Company of Fools) is an old-school farce about a new generation dealing with the anxieties of commitment and co-habitation. Ever since Alexis moved in with her boyfriend, her pet parrot has developed a problem. What’s worse, the girl she’s been illicitly flirting with just showed up uninvited to her dinner party, and she might have bedbugs... and a secret past.

Auditions and production schedule for PLUCKER are to be announced.

Company of Fools is thrilled to present these exceptional plays for our 2018 season, loosely themed as MILLENNIALS BEHAVING IN A POOR MANNER, RESULTING IN RIDICULOUS CONSEQUENCES.

Please visit our website for more details, dates, and audition schedules. And as always, we look forward to entertaining you.

Cameron Clarke & Collin Blackard, co-founders